Michael Barthel 
 "Uneins" Cassette 


19 new pieces on the topic of Exclamation Marks:
Some Bawlings, Poems, Statements and 5 Coversations + Duets with Ulrike Uhlig,
a recording of a viola and my shacking hand on a table after playing the instrument.
Transposition for flute and voice emulating the violin of the first minute
of Feldman's piece, "Between Categories". One piece about a statement of
Edmond Jabes: "What is at stake is the answer of being in the universe, a response
that can only translate into a question".

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I choose not to give the titles of some of the pieces, not the german ones
nor the translations of it. To do so is pushing the idea of the whole release:
I don't like exclamation marks.

Photos showing parts of my couch, normally covered by a blanket.

Layout by Valentine Sinclair.
Recorded Spring 2016. Edition of 75